Our Services

Academic Review

Able to provide review services for computer science related scientific articles and journals.

Website Startup

Able to provide guidance on domain and host setup at minimum costs and websites are delivered at high performances and through SSL.

PhD. Guidance

Able to provide mentorship services to those that are navigating the post-graduate Master and PhD. levels.

Connecting Professionals

Able to provide direct quality connections to export/import services in the US, accessibility training services, mapping services in Ontario, quantity surveying services in Toronto, and speech pathology services for children in Toronto.

Bot Creation

Able to design and program software bots for automated tasks on the computer.

Childcare and Cooking

Able to provide personal child caring advice and unique recipes for small and large families.

Wedding Website Creation

Able to provide a fully functional wedding website with features such as registry, RSVP, mailing, location, photo gallery and informational wedding stories at minimal cost, please inquire for more information. ‚Äč